Removing Cat Urine - Here Is The Best Product For Removing Cat Urine

There is so much to tell about removing cat urine correctly. Most people are unsuccessful in their attemps at removing cat urine stains and odors in their house. Cement floors, hardwood floors, leather couches, mattresses, clothes and anything else you can think of are candidates for removing cat urine because of cat spraying or other reasons.

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Many times they use a homemade cat urine remover that they read about on the Internet and then they are mad when it doesn't work for them.

It’s basic really, removing cat urine thoroughly can't be done with homemade cat urine removers as they will not neutralize the uric acid crystals found in cat urine and while the stain might be gone to the naked eye, and the odor for a short time as well, the odor will appear once the crystals get reactivated by moisture (even humidity in the air) and the viscous cycle continues. People then try other urine cleaners and fail and finally give up and even some will get rid of their cat in frustration.

Others will try the assorted commercial cat urine removers for removing cat urine from a variety of surfaces and while some will have success there will be many that will say that even these don’t work very well. The main problem here is that they probably didn't follow the instructions completely. Hint: There is a reason they provide detailed instructions on the product.

The best purchased cat urine cleaners will have special enzymes in them that literally eat up the uric acid crystals from the cat urine and in my assessment this is the only way to totally remove cat urine stains and odors.

There is just one little thing that most people don't think about.

They don't know where exactly to apply the cat urine remover.

What do I mean by that? Well, many people don’t understand that cat urine odor is very attractive to a cat and they will sniff out where it has peed previously and continue to use that spot repeatedly.

That is why you NEVER want to use anything with ammonia in it for removing cat urine because the odor of ammonia is similar to urine and using ammonia is like sending an invitation to your cat to pee here.

So when you hear people complain that the cat urine cleaner didn’t work the odds are that even if they did follow the directions exactly they most likely missed a spot or two.

The answer is to use a black light as the ultraviolet light will make the cat urine fluoresce and glow in the dark so you can easily see where you need to clean. If you don't use a black light you are just guessing and stand a very good chance of missing some of those pesky uric acid crystals.

A black light is an indispensable weapon in your battle in removing cat urine and you really need to get one if you want to rid yourself completely of cat urine smells in your home. They pretty cheap and some good cat urine cleaners will include one with their product for a total cat urine removal solution.

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